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 Multi-award winning pianist, composer and producer Doug Hammer
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Your music is breathtaking :)

Beautiful and inspirational.

Majestic, to be sure.

Wish I could click "like" twice.

Wow. I'm in love and inspired.

Just what I needed to hear today! Solace indeed! :-)

So soothing for a rough world!!

Great talent...a lot of heart in this music.

It's amazing how music can evoke such raw feelings.

I just heard the song, "Flying High". It is breathlessly beautiful.

Great pianist!

I fell in love with this in the first few seconds! So beautiful!!

Your music really warms the heart.

Hey, love your music! I play Sunrise every morning, it makes me feel better every time :)

Your music is absolutely incredible, you are truly a great artist.

DAMNNNNNN YOU'RE AMAZING. i would give anything to play like you do.

This music sounds like hope *-*

I love Pandora for playing your song, The Dance.


I love your music :) It inspires!

Moved to tears by this version . . . (Oceanea)

One word: Unbelievable. (When Christmas Comes To Town)

Just magical. Thank you for this. Probably my favorite version. (Carol Of The Bells)

This is actually the most beautiful thing I have EVER heard!! (Silent Night)

You are officially my idol! This is truly amazing! (Hark! The Herald Angels Sing)

I first heard of your music on Pandora. I think that the compositions you've made are beautiful and when I listen to them, I feel totally at peace.

This is just so beautiful...I've just bought Flying High sheet music and am playing it all the time. Thank you for your great work! It brought me back to playing the piano again! Thank you!

Your music is awesome. and i think music like this should have 3 million views..not 3 thousand. But pleeaaase don't quit until you die. Thanks.

There are many out there that play piano, I am one of them, but when someone comes along like Doug Hammer and makes this composer listen to every track in its entirety over and over, there is something special here. (Travels)

Amazing album. Turn of Time is my favorite. Every song on this album has such a relaxing sense about it with flowing melodies and beautiful sounds. (Travels)

I heard this on Rainy Days Radio. I have to say I haven't felt this calm and peaceful for a long time .. thank you for composing this, it really has helped me tonight. (Travels)

Perhaps the only artist whose works have moved me to tears. You, sir, are nothing short of incredible. You have a devoted fan in me.

This is the most beautiful piano music I have ever heard in my whole life! Doug Hammer is so incredibly talented. If you want to be inspired by a true artist then listen to this amazing music.

There is something amazing in the way that you play, dear Doug. I keep coming back to this song and dream away... Thank you for the sweet escape.................

I was in a "twilight" mood since it was raining on my way home from work today and this beautiful piano piece from Doug Hammer - Sunrise played and caught my attention. If you enjoy listening to it add Doug Hammer to your Pandora station!

This is absolutely beautiful, as is all of the rest of your music! I am so glad that Pandora decided to play this song for me. :) You are so talented.

Your work is very inspirational! I listen to it frequently.

That was incredible! I just bought your album Solace and I'm thoroughly impressed. I now have a new idol to look up to ^^

WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love love love love love love love love love love love THIS version!!! WOOOHOOOO! *swinging my head in happiness and grooviness!* (Sunrise- Dreamworld)

Doug, you are truly an amazing musician. I'm 15 and play piano, and you have inspired me greatly. When I listen to your music, it soothes my anger, it reminds me of all the good things in the world. Your compositions are amazing! I can hear that you play with your heart, and I'm long from being able to play "The Dance" in a way close to your skill. You are a truly talented musician.

Doug has an amazing penetrating style and in moments you feel the truth of heart in his inspiring works. His range and subtle comprehension of the many genres of music allow him to add colorful and broad dimensions to his pieces. I am drawn in. I am undone!

I heard this song on the solo piano streaming audio channel I listen to during the work day. This had to have been the most haunting version of this song I'd ever heard. It was only this morning, after I researched Doug's website a bit, that I saw that he wrote it in December 2001. No wonder the song had a chilling effect to it - his emotion comes through so clear, it was almost freaky. Had to own this song. I don't consider myself to be anything more than just averagely patriotic, but this song just goes right to your core. Bravo. (My Country 'Tis Of Thee)

Sunrise comments

Songs like this... are the songs in the world that make a bad day good.

This song always makes me smile.

I love this... I feel amazed ...

Sunrise seriously just makes me so darn happy. :D

I begin and end my day with this song. So amazing, keep up the good work sir!

OK... I am obsessed with this version xD

You are amazing!! Good job I was just wowed!!.(:

Awesome song man. I heard it on Pandora.. bought the sheet music and love it.

I looovveeee this song. YAY FOR SOUNDSCAPES!

OH. MY. GOD. Beautiful .... when I heard this song ... I almost cried. (':

Wow... this song is so beautiful. I DREAM of one day writing a song this exquisite.

Sunrise, I don't know about you guys! But this song, Doug...man he is a wonderful writer:) pure bliss!!!

I don't know about y'all, but every time I listen to Sunrise, it reminds me of that emotional scene that has you fighting back the tears in movies.

You're awesome n_n, I heard this on Soundscapes a while back and loved it. It's a beautiful song, I can write and draw to it all day! ~<3

aaaaaaaaaaahhhh! I LOVE this song! it's AMAZING! as well as the motive! :D 10000000/10!!! I bought the music off your site and have learned two pages so far! aha! great job!

Has anyone else been pressing the repeat button a million times? lol. Wow, I'm speechless. Definitely learning this one.

I love this song and you so much man, this really inspires me to be a great musician. thank you for this, totally made my day.

Sunrise is absolutely beautiful. The first time I heard it, I sat in the chair with tears streaming down my face. It's such a great thing to find music that can actually make you FEEL what they are playing.

Speechless.....OK..maybe not as I have to say that I am blown away by your music and that is coming from someone whose favorite bands tend be heavy metal like Iron Maiden and Opeth. I thank Pandora for introducing me to your music through my "Porcupine Tree" channel I created. And this version is awesome!

A beautiful song, written and performed by a beautiful person. What a wonderful gift, for this child and family. When I hear music that moves me, as this does...I tend to think the artist is God, or at least has a heart like Him. You have given me hope that there are still many who care, as I do...about the Whole. Thank-you...