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The Watering Hole
The Watering Hole, a short film recently scored by Doug just won the WAVE Award!

Maine Morning



Maine Morning
Maine Morning (from Travels), is part of a wonderful compilation of top pianist/composers, produced in Spain by Reviews New Age.
The album is The Best of Reviews New Age: The Piano and is available on Amazon and iTunes.


Christmas Whisperings
Doug Hammer re-recordedhis rendition of In The Bleak Midwinter (originally from Noël) at Seattle's Piano Haven Recording Studio for this newly-released compilation of top solo piano artists.
The album is Christmas Whisperings and is available at, Amazon and iTunes.


Reviews New Age
Reviews New Age has awarded Travels "Album of the Month" for November, 2011!
It is also in the running for album of the year.


2011 Whisperings Album of the Year!
Travels, Doug Hammer's follow-up to Solace, includes 39 new original songs from meditative to melodic. Personal and intimate, it tells a story of past, present, and future, of places seen and places only in dreams.
Disc 1 is Travels, a collection of 19 handcrafted songs.
Disc 2 is Travels: Detour, 20 songs created during the making of Travels.
It continues the story, goes to some unexpected places, but finally comes back home.
Life, love, loss. Moments, journeys and the brightness of days.


Petite Chardonnay

Doug Hammer will be scoring this film in 2012.

Chardonnay is a story set against the backdrop of a picturesque mountainous vineyard in Northern California. Michael Oak comes back home after 25 years to see his father has not changed until he meets his only granddaughter.

Michael's relationship with his father, his daughter, and his wife become stronger than ever in the last few days they will be together on this earth, and he realizes that love is more important than life.

Music and Piano performance by Doug Hammer "Flying High"