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baby2Baby Music 2

Review by Kathy Parsons at
November 13, 2008
Like “Baby Music 1,” “Baby Music 2” is a 78-minute stream-of-consciousness solo piano improvisation, this time composed and recorded for the birth of Doug Hammer’s second son, Nathan. Recorded in one take in 2005 and intended as an instrumental lullaby, this album is incredibly relaxing and soothing for people of any age. Also intended to be background music, it is sometimes melodic and sometimes more ambient and floating. It’s interesting to hear how much a song like “Frere Jacques” changes slowed ‘way down - it’s almost haunting! I listened to “Baby Music 2” several times this week while I was working, and found it unobtrusive when I needed to concentrate, but also completely listenable and enjoyable when I came up for air. It was also wonderful to have playing while I was reading. A lot of people prefer to have music playing when they study or work, but I have a very hard time keeping music in the background - I always want to listen to it. With both “Baby Music” CDs, I was able to just let the music be there most of the time. Many improvised recordings wear thin after a few plays, meandering too much and not really going anywhere musically. “Baby Music 2” is effortless and free, but holds together beautifully from start to finish. I don’t recommend trying to wake up to this CD, and it might not be the best choice for driving (unless you are going to be stuck in commute traffic and need something calming!), but “Baby Music 2” is an excellent choice for reading, going to sleep, studying, a nice meal, yoga and meditation, and any number of things that would be enhanced by quiet, peaceful piano music.
“Baby Music 2” is available from,,, and iTunes. Recommended!